Continuity of care (COC)

When you switch health plans, doctors or medical groups, you don’t want your care put on hold.

The COC program is there to make sure any treatment you get stays on track. Here is a list of services COC can help protect:

  • Acute condition (e.g., sudden GI bleed, broken bone)
  • Serious chronic condition
  • Pregnancy and immediate postpartum – Maternal mental health
  • Care of newborns
  • Terminal illness
  • Surgery and surgical follow-up care


If you (or a covered family member) are enrolling in the POS plan and are currently getting ongoing medical treatment, call the Customer Contact Center at 1-888-893-1572 or 1-800-596-6565 (retirees only) as soon as you can. A representative will help you decide if you can receive continuity of care support.

Behavioral Health

If you (or a covered family member) are currently receiving mental health services or substance use disorder treatment (inpatient or outpatient), please call Managed Health Network, LLC (MHN) as soon as possible at 1-888-327-0010. If your current provider is not an MHN network provider, we will connect you with a care manager who will carefully review your situation and arrange for medically appropriate continuity of your care to an MHN participating provider.