ID cards

Each family member will receive an ID card in the mail prior to the group's effective date.

Take a moment to review the card(s) making sure your name and your PCP choice (if applicable) are correct. If a correction is needed call Health Net’s dedicated customer contact center for Edison International employees at 1-888-893-1572 or 1-800-596-6565 (retirees only) so we can make the change.

Register for

Take a moment to register for access to our website. Have your ID card handy.

As a registered member, using our website is an easy and time-saving way to get benefit information, wellness resources and more to help you achieve an overall sense of good health.

Log in to our website to:

  • Get your benefit details, copays and prior authorization information.
  • Review your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Change your PCP
  • Get ID cards and forms
  • Manage your account details and view medical treatment policies.
  • View your medical Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • Online health encyclopedia

Health Net mobile

Health Net Mobile is the easiest way to connect to your online account. Access plan, copay and deductible information on the go, as well as check your Mobile ID card to verify eligibility – available for Apple devices.